Ankle sprained in the order of 4 weeks ago w/ ligament trash?

I sprained my ankle about 4 weeks ago, and I can put your foot on it now. I go to see the doctor and they said that i should just meander in a cast/wrap the ankle/elevate/ice. but still at hand is some pain surrounded by my ankle, and occasionally if i put too much activity on my ankle i start to surface pain the the vertebrae of my leg (where the calves are) and what seems approaching a ligament in the front. i'm wondering how i will know when i can start playing sports again (ie. when my ligament have healed to a point where on earth it will not degrade when i play). i haven't tried running for something like 1 wk 2 days since i went to the doctor. also, are near any good excersices to strenghten the ligament/prevent against adjectives problems. I'm also planning to get ankle brace. gratefulness!

Ankle sprains and pulled ligaments take time to treat. The foot does not typical get alot of blood circulation to comfort stimulate healing, so you enjoy to give it extra time. You should plan on not doing an exercises that require lateral scope of motion, because while the ankle is weak from your first injury, you could product it worse. Once there is no bruising, aching or swelling, you could try swimming...swimming is the absolute best non cargo bearing exercise. This will hold on to you aerobically fit and promote strong stamina. I would not advise running for 2-4 weeks for sure, and earlier you run, try walking your normal run course at a speedily pace and see how your ankle holds up. I would also provoke you to get a virtuous ankle brace that will support your ankle until it is fully healed.

I am an avid runner, climber, basketball & tennis player and swimmer, all of which hold high demands upon the lateral movement of your ankles. I hold had more ankle sprains than I can to remember, and can guarantee you that it take time to heal, otherwise you re-injure. Try swimming it could set you free! Good luck beside your recovery...
take 6 wks or better to heal near no hard flurry on it.

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