About how long until I've cleansed my body of THC?

I'm 5'7", 160 lbs., reasonably athletic (I sweat a lot). I've be drinking green tea and about 70 oz. of hose down a day for days gone by month and a half. I smoked for three years almost persistent and tried to quit in the middle of May. Since later I've had little binges around once every two weeks, and it's been almost two weeks since I ending smoked. I'm wondering given this information, if I continue drinking green tea and lots of wet and sweating a bunch, about how long until I can be sure pot is completely (or mostly) out of my system? And no preaching, gratefulness. I know it's illegal. That's why I want to quit.

Usually it take about 30 days, but if you be a heavy smoker, it may lug up to 45 days. Depending on the sensitivity of the test, some can pick it up for 60 days, but given that you enjoy cut back so much, 30 days from your ultimate smoke you should be great. If you are trying to pass a drug check, Niacin is a dead on sure fire process to pass. Believe me, I know.
Its reletivly trouble-free to get THC out of your system, given time.
Usually take about a weeks time for it to be undetectable. Drink lots of water, and to put it bluntly...pee alot. Now if you stipulation to get it out of your sysytem faster, turn to your local head shop, they own this stuff call "Clean All" and Ive also see it as " Clean 'ese" It usually takes one dose and it will be out of your sysytem surrounded by 24hrs.
anywhere from 3 - 30 days depending on your metabolism and the amount of marijuana that you’ve smoked, but their are certain types of pills and drink you could buy at vitamin store which will construct your tests show up refusal for a little while. Also their are at home test available so you can be sure.
Congrats on trying to kick the infatuation! I know it takes at lowest 30 days till it won't show up on a UA. My ex son in regulation was an expert surrounded by that Field.
You might also get one of those cleanses that verbs out your organs and blood. They sell them at your local Health Food Store!! They usually lug a couple of weeks if I remember right!

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