A doctor injured my husband what should we do nearly it.?

First they took blood for the first to see what wrong with him and get blood. The machine that oral exam his blood broke. They said he had high-ranking potassium. So needed more blood from him but the blood would come out of his veins. They check on same machine to be precise broke. Again they say he have high potassium. Now try my husbands artery in his groin they bring back no blood from there any now he is within alot pain. Then they try his capillary in his d¨Ścolletage they get no blood from in that either. Now he is even surrounded by more pain. We exit the hospital against medical advise. We go to another hospital the next light of day and they draw his blood the test come stern no high potassium simply he is fatigued. He went at hand on July 5, 2007 now it is July 12, 2007 he is still hurting contained by his neck and groin. So what sould we do presently. Plus the doctors worried me to the point I was stressed out I be very afraid he would die. Also I am diabteic I have not eaten nought but toast that morning I did not have any modification to anything to eat.

Well, you can database a complaint with your states medical board that holds doctors in charge.

You can contact the hospital adminstrator OR you could contact a malpractice attorney to see if you have a defence.

Either way, wallet a complaint against the doctor with your states medical board.
I would voice take him put a bet on to the second hospital you went to and produce sure that he is okay, and tell them what the first hospital did. They'll know how to advise you if the first hospital did something wrong. You might also contact a medical attorney.
sue those creaps
Take him to a different doctor
It sounds very serious. I'd suggest you hire a advocate.

An Injury Attorney in your local nouns will call to discuss your travel case with no cost or necessity - free consultation at most times.

The law edges how long you have to report a claim.
Submit your contact information as soon as you can.

Here's a site you can check out: www.InjuryHelpLineAttorney.com
Even though the machine broke, it seem reasonable they would want to assessment your husband's blood again. The fact that he subsequent had middle-of-the-road potassium means they really did stipulation to run the test.

Was it indistinguishable person who tried drawing blood respectively time? Many facilities hold policies on how many times one personality can attempt drawing blood. It is strange that they had such difficulty, be there some other medical complication that made getting the blood that concrete?

If he is a normal, helthy individual I would expect the pian to be along the lines of pain and discomfort. If he is running a fevor and there is swelling, you should give somebody a lift him to a facility you are comfortable with to see going on for infections.

I understand your frustration and stress over the incident, it would bother me as all right. But it seems unlikely from what you enjoy said that there is really anything you can do -- if you have a feeling mistreated by a particular individual you can convey a letter to the hospital admin. If you grain the hospital as a whole is a tfault you can consent to the get the complaint to the JACHO--which regulates the hospitals. THe below cooperation has brochures you can download that explain your rights abd how to folder complaints.

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