Mom's leg is swollen even 9 months after surgery?

my mom fell and had multiple fractures simply 2 inches above the ankle. the doctor had to insert a plate and 10 screw to set the fracture. it has immediately been 9 months and she still have tremendous swelling and occasional pain contained by the foot. the doctor only say that she should exercise and walk more for the swelling to come down.
can anybody communicate me why that swelling is persistent and is that average?

Before finishing your question, I have automatically thought of her getting more exercise. My mother had a total knees replacement and one year post-surgerr she still had problems next to swelling. However, exercising really helped the circulation, which, contained by turn, helped the swelling.

Good luck!
Is that swelling just on the injured leg or both? If it is only on the injured leg later it depends on what kind of injury she suffered , any impairment to veins of that leg and surgery perform. Its normal to own swelling due to poor venous flow due to sedentary lifestyle/due to fracture and pain. She can benefit from raise her leg by using a pillow while sleeping and avoid sitting with legs lifeless down from sofa/chair. She can even use stockings sold in pharmacies to rearrange venous flow. Physiotherapy would be helpful too.
i would own her go support to the surgeons or doctor and have it followed up on
Get your mom to try this, the lovely ancestors on there can answer your question.
Inactivity will lead to pooling of blood surrounded by lower extremities which, in turn, lead to swelling. Walking steadily will pump the blood out of the lower extremity with the calf muscle and shrinking the swelling.
I had intense chin surgery -- had 3 plates and almost 30 + screws.
1st be lenient its going to take a long time to make well.
2nd It sounds like an oxymoron but hes right. by walking around you hold the blood flow 2 help alleviate. If she doesn't start using it it could freeze also which would be a lot worse on both of you.
3rd bodies are a weired item It will go down when the body feel its the right time. meanwhile ice. righteous luck to both of you.

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