How does medience know where on earth you're exact discomfort is?

Example, woman- we take medience for cramps and what not.

Like Tyleonal (I'm 16.) and I don't do pills, I do the chewable stuff, but go I took the medience, 20 minutes or so, the cramps decreased.


anguish medication like tylenol or something target the opiate reactors in the brain so your backache isn't cured your brain just tell you your not in kinda weird unless you are taking some sort of anti-inflamatory to trademark the pain stop it may or may not come back...i hold degenerate disk diesease and enjoy been taking niggle killers for similar to 2 and half years
It have brains...

NO, It spreads through your bloodstream & finds what needs to be targeted. It merely kind of see what needs to be numbed. At least possible, that is what I reflect on...
it just starts working when it is digested
an example
antibiotic for sore throat=it will clear up any other point that is inflamed too
Any sort of stomach-ache relief tablet works by sending a message to the brain to craft you think near is no pain here. It doesn't necessarily "fix" the problem unless you're taking antibiotics which will actually target a virus.

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