Any tips on staying awake?

I started a new employment that runs from 1am-630am, I deliver papers during that time. Its really hard for me to stay awake when the road get very repeative. I would newly drink some coffee or a soda but I can't since I'm nursing my 3 month old son. Any tips that I could use that don't involve caffine?

red oil. chew gum. filch a nap right earlier hand. I do not envy you this charge with a hot baby.My heart really go out to you! I now take your choice, but breastfeeding a 3 month old hardly means any sleep within the first place. Good luck, dear!
shower just in the past you leave for your route, and you'll necessitate to change up your sleep agenda. also that helps me is turning up the music surrounded by the car and even turning on the ac, even if it's not hot because the cool nouns in my facade keeps me alert. appropriate luck
That's a tough one. And since you have a child involved maybe it's best to ask your doctor if there's anything that's out of danger for both you and your nursing little one.
Well, I guess all you can do is trademark sure you get as much sleep as possible. Maybe you should consider quitting this mission. Is it worth risking getting in a mortal accident??
Probably the most beneficial entity is to get a moral uninterrupted eight hours of sleep each hours of daylight. If your doctor says it's out of danger, taking melatonin before bedtime for a few days might sustain you adjust to the new programme. It's supposed to be good for squirt lag, so it might work for this.
Play your radio loud. Keep an iced drink handy to sip on. I drank caffeine diet soda when I be nursing without any deleterious effects. But do what you construe is best.
Chew on soft ice.

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