Any answers to stomach cramping/tightness contained by muscles below the ribcage?

I am having sharp muscle spasms right below or even beside the bottom of my ribcage. It don't happen adjectives the time, usually if I bend over to reach for something, or stretch. It stays for going on for 30 seconds to 1-2 min. It also, does not move about away if I try and stretch out my abdomen, or when I press on it. It almost act like a charley horse. And it is not simply my left or right side, it happen on both sides, but not at the same time. Also, it's not everyday possibly everyother day or a couple of times a light of day. Any help on this one?

Have you done any filling exercise lately? That can trigger abdomen spasms. If not, you could enjoy sore muscles. Another possibility is just serious cramps, close to me. If it continues you should go see the doctor.
Have you hear of IBS look it up its a medical condition i ,many others and conceivably even you suffer from (also you might just be intollerant to some species of food like wheat/milk/egg)

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