Any doctors, kinda a stupid press but ego appreciate the backing?

So a persons body temp is 98.6 but mine is 96.6 which i wouldnt regard as makes that big of a difference but sometimes it does because you know its similar to 2 degrees difference or doesn`t matter what. But do react different to things or gett hotter or colder smoothly?

My temperature runs roughly 99.9 all of the time. It be great when I was surrounded by school because anytime I go to the school nurse they sent me home because I have fever. It wasn't until years subsequent that my mom caught on to the fact that my temp be ALWAYS 99.9.
98.6 is an average, not absolute..everyone is diff, some ppl's pulse is sophisticated or lower as well
According to the glorious Wikipedia, "The expected majority core body temperature for an full-grown is expected to lie inside a range of possible values. Although the array varies by source, one commonly cited middle-of-the-road range is 36.4 to 37.1 °C (97.6 to 98.8 °F)." Maybe you a short time ago run on the cool end--or are in a cool setting.
Like, timetabled above, everyone is different. You should be fine, unless you begin to have a feeling ill. Doesn't nouns like much of a problem to me, and I am currently attending Indiana University Med School.

Once again, if you perceive under the weather, walk see your family doc!

Good luck.
Stop watching the silver surfer on the fantastic 4. you are fine. Your temp is probably not 96.6;

The plus or minus on some of the temp reading devices can be as much as 1 level off.

I would verbs a lot more more or less bills and the future than this. Take a weighty breath and live; your fine.
around 98 is what most people are my average temp is 99.3 but yours sounds usual because some ppl are just resembling that my grandma's husband has a 91.3 average temp.

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