Am I over react?

My daughter sat surrounded by the office of Boys and Girls Club for over an hour next to what they thought was a small injury. Well, it wasn't, it's a fractured wrist. I am livid they didn't call upon me plus they didn't have rime, they used those frozen otter pops. Am I over reacting?

No, you disappeared them in charge of your child within your absence. As responsible adults, they should know to at smallest notify a parent when there's a problem with the child. It might be forgivable if they tried to contact you and one-time. But, since they made no effort to bring in tough next to you, that's not very apposite. You have a right to know when something is wrong beside your child and it is their responsibility to alert you. As for no ice, not a big accord. BUT, they should have some form of first-aid kit on mitt that includes some kind of cold pack or something similar. That IS null.
No. You have a apposite reason to surface so mad.
One, they should hold called you.

Two, it is really possible they mistook the fracture for a minor injury...that can happen;

Three...they should hold ice or cold pack, but the pops were better than nought.

Get your daughter treated, then convey a letter to the herald of B&G and tell them they must nickname parents for any injury..
I agree with Kenneth.try to be paid some good out of this situation by sensibly requesting that in the adjectives they call parents ASAP anytime a child complains of an injury. For very soon just craft sure you focus your attention on the care and ably being of your child. Best of luck.

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