How can I cure cervical spondylosis or what drugs can cut back the throbbing surrounded by my right shoulder?

I have grim pain contained by my right shoulder and it was diagnoised that I own cervical spondylosis.

I have cervical spondylosis and enjoy tried many homeopathic remedies. What have worked for me the best is
1. acupuncture
2. steroid injections
3. regular massage.
I hold it pretty severe and have it contained by 5 of my 7 vertebrea as well as radiopathy (not sure if that is to say the right word). herniated disks, bulging disks and 2 vertibra with virtually no spinal fluid getting around the spine.

I have what is called an epidoral tranferaminal which are primarily steriods injected directly into the spinal chord areas. This has given me the longest relieve - 4-5 months short meds. but it is very prickly

quick put somebody through the mill - do you get ringing contained by the ears? vertigo?

ps - i have tried the goji liquid - it did not help.
Chiropractor can relieve tremendously npt by power manipulation but through massage warmness and just prevailing conditions pressure hand manipulation give or take a few twice a week for a month. Try to stay off immense duty opiates and try Tylenol 650 for arthritis. Good luck!

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