After a work misfortune you closing up next to rsd do you go and get a advocate?

If it was the luck that caused it and you go to the companies doctor - or at least agree to the company know you were going to the doctor because of the coincidence - I would definately get a legal representative - especially if work isn't willing to lend a hand you out with this - I infer it all depends on your work situation - right or bad?

It doesn't hurt to agree to a lawyer give or take a few it - you can get a free consultation beside one in your nouns - do a google search for work related injury lawyer - watch for the shady ones! I'd make available you a link - but I don't know your location ;)

Below is a connect to the condition though (I'm sure you read all more or less it already). ;)

Good luck to you!
Depending on the nature of the disaster you certainly could get hold of a lawyer. I would suggest chitchat with one to see if you are competent to sue the company or anything, but depending on the nature of the misfortune you may or may not be able to sue.

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