Any clues to what's wrong?

I have severe anaemia (pernacious) I suggest. Have very low Vit B12. have caeliac test=negative. My fingers wrists elbows ache. I stride like a penguin surrounded by the morning cos my feet are stiff. wear and crack in my knees. can single walk 5 minutes earlier back distress gets me to stop. Had a mystery salutary fracture in my collar bone final year. I am just falling apart. Had a RA tryout done and it came posterior clear I am only 31 and my doc be worried it was RA. I am going to see her again on 10 july to discuss what could be wrong. Any planning or people beside similar pains. I will answer any questions asked. HELP

I hold pernicious anemia. It is low levels of b vitamins. Mine is due to bowel surgery that not here my body without the intrinsic factor needed to convert b into my body. The doc prescribed b12 and needles. I give myself a shot every week for a month, then monthly and in a minute every 3 months. I get my blood tested twice a year for b stores. It would be interesting to see what cause yours, poor diet or the same as me. In that armour shots are in command. It is easy to do or you can enjoy someone else do it. It take a long time to trim down your B stores. These symtoms could be because your body has be so stressed as you have lost your B. My symptoms be losing balance, tingling contained by arms and legs and horriible tiredness. Email me if you want. Glad to talk next to you.
excessive iron in your blood? (saw it on HOUSE).
wow dont know run to doctor
My stepfather has arthritis contained by his hip and similar problems to what you are describing. He has be drinking this juice call Himalayan Goji. There are several types of Goji available and it basically change your blood chemistry so that your body can fix itself. His arthritis pain have been reduced by 50% and his body is contained by a constant alkaline state (necessary for staying healthy, helping cure anemia, and preventing the growth of cancer). This liquid is so awesome we decided to be distributors. You can call round my website: to learn more something like it. It really works, and there's a 90 day, futile bottle return policy, no questions asked.
You might consider seeing a hematologist as very well. Anemia is not an rheumotologist's department. It sounds as if you may have some form of a auto-immune disease. There are various.See your rheumotologist and find a good hematologist and formulate sure they communicate with respectively other.
Have you had test for thyroid dysfunction? Possible fibromyalgia or Multiple Sclerosis. (sorry my spelling sucks). It could be related to any of the autoimmune diseases (not AIDS or HIV--there are many autoimmune dieseases that own nothing to do next to AIDS--like Hashimoto's Disease). Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is another possibility. Have you been to a chiropractor? A series of adjustment may put you back surrounded by alignment (often the cause of RA).
You're not intake enough iron surrounded by your diet. Hence the severe anemia. You're not a vegetarian are you? as this could be the exact. Not enough red blood cell in your body and thats why you're within pain and making you tired. See your doctor and consent to him give you some iron tablets. x x
Please do not clutch any homeopathic meds without seeing a doctor, it could spawn your situation worse.

You could have fibromyalgia and self diagnosed is a horrible experience becuase the first must rule out everythng else.

you need to hang on to track of all your symptoms. when are they worse - what deeds make them better /worse.
honourable luck
If you do have pernicious anemia, it could be excessive iron within your blood due to hemolysis (destruction of red blood cells), the malformed blood cells and their inability to hold your attention B12. The excess iron can build up in your blood, affect your joint, and cause greatly of pain. (But I don't have an idea that that this is a typical presentation). You should see a hematologist and have the appropriate conducting tests done. If you let it progress on too long, it can lead to multi-organ dud, especially liver and kidneys.

Not all anemias are one and the same. For example, you wouldn't tell someone beside sickle cell anemia to take an iron pill, they would stipulation a blood exchange. Please, see a doctor, don't listen to some of these other suggestions - there are deeply of under adjectives people surrounded by the world who think they know more than they do. These are they types of those who should do a little more research until that time answering questions, they could lapse up killing someone.
My cousin be 34 when she had to enjoy her hip replaced because of something similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis. She has greatly of the same symptoms as you do. I am sorry, but I dont know exactly what it is that she have - I just know to be exact either a form of RA or something similar and that it is an autoimmune disease - which primarily means that your body is combat itself because it thinks that something is foreign even though it is not. She worked near several doctors to find out what the problem was and she is immediately doing a lot better because she is taking Enbrel.
First preserve an open mind in the order of the remarks people are making here-a doctor say see a proper doctor,but you are ,arent you ,without much nouns,as yet!
You may inevitability a second opinion from doctors who know more than the others,contained by certain field of illness.
Take a look at the clinic below-it is run by expert doctors who may afford a better insight into your symptoms-their cause and treatment. I know that lyme disease can lead to some of the symptoms that you have-but the doctors at breakspear will investigate other things,too. But dont give up hope next to your own doctor-they may hit on something themselves.
If you have pernicious anemia taking iron isn't going to assist.

The body needs B12 contained by order to making haemoglobin correctly. Blood cells contained by people beside pernicious anaemia are usually very considerable with a poor fitness for oxygen to attach.
Its a fat soluble vitamin not slickly found in vegetable sources which is why vegans are highly at risk from this.
The average person have stores of the vitamin which last 5 years.
The certainty that you have be diagnosed with severe pernicious anaemia although you do munch through meat suggests you could have a malabsorption syndrome stoping your digestive tract from absorbing B12.
There is an cornucopia of it in animal base foods such as meat and dairy.
B12 deficiancy also causes fortitude dysfunction (neuropathy) which could explain why you are suffering the symptoms of pain.
If you do enjoy a malabsorption problem this can be manged by B12 injections every few months.
I strongly suggest going back to your GP and ask if any test can be done to establish why you have such low level of B12 inspite of a diet which has an glut of it.
If you cannot improve the horizontal of B12 in your body your pernicious anaemia will not revolutionize no matter how much iron you bear.
biodisc and live water might support you.
check it out yourself
May you be well and beaming always
You call for to talk to doctor.
And next..stop obsessing more or less your aches and pains.

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