3 month prehistoric...eye have goop and flush?

Hi, a few weeks ago my 3 month old daughter started getting this drizzling boogery stuff coming out of just her not here eye...it would come and go differnet parts of the time...ive taken her to the doctor 2 times and of course both times i go there her eye isnt goopy...so they can't look at it. Now the white of her eye is starting to take a tint of red (actually it looks red as in a stoners eyes). the right eye looks reliable. But her left eye is getting worse? I do plan to pinch her into the doctor again this week, but has anyone have a similar experience??

yes. i kept thinking it was pink eye. took her a couple times to the drs. her doc told me respectively time it was an underneath developed tear duct. it would rip and turn to goop. she showed me a massage exercise to do to the eye several times a time. if this didn't work there be drops available for it. the exercise ended up working. it did transport awhile though.

exercise: with your ring finger, kindly push from the end of her eye (by the ear) to the slit duct over and over.

also keep it verbs.

i would still take her contained by case pink eye developed after her later appt. better safe than sorry. accurate luck.
Could be a clogged tear duct or pink eye. If it is pink eye she probably get it from someone holding her or just touching her (like at a store) the dr. will furnish you eyedrops for this . It is very contagious so be verbs with it.
If it is a clogged scratch duct or imature tear duct it will correct itself.
But it really sounds similar to pink eye.

Good Luck and hurry up to the doctor it can get bloody it is very itchy.
OMG..y do u ppl dont hold this seriously?dont u love ur daughter?u want her blind?u should immediately budge to a dr...we r not proffessioanlists and even a dr cant diagnose anything without examining ur daughter' eye.DR will chk his eyes next to machines and then will impart u drops or any medicine...muse about ur daughter backache .go to DR...dont excess ur time in asking comfort from ppl on yahoo
Our two daughters had this both it be a clogged tear duct.
Massage it on the little part of a set of her nose to the side you can run a q tip to the side of the area too and helpfully apply pressure or a wash cloth after the hip bath - the area is directly to the side of the top of her feeler (or the corner of her eye near the nose) - and you can receive some drops too - bring this up to the nurse at your peds office if they grain it's urgent they will have you see or show you how to massage her eyes. Use pure and mild kid products to wash her face/body and fleece.
Sounds like conjuntivitis. The doctor can furnish you a prescription for eye drops. Vigamox has worked okay for my children, but I can't recall if any of them used it when they be babies.

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