:( Ouch!! :(?

Something bit me just a few days ago. My entire foot become swollen and red that I can barely amble. It's not a mosquitoe, bee, or bed bug. I visited the hospital and the give me antibiotics and a few shots. It did not help though. I visit the doctor again and he said it'll go away by itself after a couple of days. A couple of days go by. Its still swollen and looks like shrek's foot single in red. What should I do? What do you judge bit me? Is the doctor stupid or something?

dont get alarmed but it could be a tic, own you been walking barefoot surrounded by the grass at all, or walking through field, you should get it checked out again if any medication that have been given to you doesn't work, you can return with lymes decease that sometimes go's undetected at first
Often these things do take a few days to start recovering.

Try taking an anti-histamine.your pharmacist will advise you.

If it is no better surrounded by 2 days seek further medical attention.

Hope you are intuition better soon
It could have be a brown recluse. It is a moment or two spider and it can be deadly. I would be in motion to a different doctor and get a second belief. That way you will discern better if he says like thing.
ouch. i hold no idea, but shift see another doctor that might be better.
feel better
I'm no doctor, by any medium, but it sounds like you might hold had an allergic antipathy to a bug bite. Maybe a spider even. I'd try some anti-histamines, if you have time to sleep through it. *shrug*
hey cuz rub some alcohol on it so that the swelling will start to bring smaller n go see another doc. hope this help!!
:(( WOW :(( well i don,t what to read aloud but i think u should run to the different doctor .

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