Anyone ever use Darvocet?

Hi. Im a big chicken and I have never taken stomach-ache killers since, except tylenol,but now my doctor prescribed Darvocet due to twinge from Lupus. Who has taken this in the past, did it work? Is it really strong - will i be able to do anything while I am on it, or will I call for to sleep?

Thanks ahead of time. I just attain nervous next to pain medicine, wierd I know ;)

Darvocet is just for a time bit stronger than Tylenol. I also have lupus and my Dr. give me Darvon instead. The acetaminophen is harder on your liver. It really helped beside the constant aching surrounded by my bones. i find that as my illness progresses, the over the counter stuff basically doesn't cut it anymore. Just take them when you are REALLY hurting, because the more you bring them, the more it will take surrounded by the future.
Darvocet is exceptionally mild. You will be able to function on it. It may hold you drowsy the first few ltimes you take it because you are unused to it but it will be ok.
Medicines can have a different effect on different ancestors. Darvacet a mild pain slaughterer but is effective for individuals that are not use to taking more than tylenol! I would just suggest to you that you follow your doctors directions and don't plan on doing anything until you see how you take action to them! I hope they help make less burdensome your pain and my prayers are near you!

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