After one shot by an arrow, why do they break partly the arrow bad while it's stuck contained by them??

I noticed it surrounded by Braveheart a couple times and other movies ...what was it supposed to relieve some rigidity off the wound or something?

a hunting arrow be often barbed so it could not be pulled out lacking doing a lot more destruction . It was any pushed through and then the arrow broken so the skipper could be removed, or broken off so the arrow shaft did not move and the guide was afterwards cut out .
Nah, I think its a 'I'm tough and I want to maintain fighting so i'm going to break this off' humane of thing. I suppose you wouldn't want someone pushing it further within, right?
Don't they usually they have to push the arrow through to carry it out, there fore breaking it contained by half to generate it shorter instead of dragging the whole piece through.
Or could it be so that it won't catch on something or be pushed further contained by by falling on it until they can get give a hand for it. (Like in a stabbing, its best not to remove the cut or weapon until a Dr. or surgeon can remove it, because to remove it will cause more bleeding.)
they want to cart out as much of the arrow as possible. But if they pull out the tip, the creature might bleed to death
If you move out the arrow unbroken it's going to get contained by the way. Especially within close combat you dun want someone to hit it causing backache and distracting you from combat.
Because the metal head/feathered part have to be gone or it will really, really hurt when you take it out. Plus it'll detain on things when you're moving about and be rather irritating (hurt).
They break the arrow so it won't get contained by the way of them have to swing a sword around. Also if the arrow gets moved around to much it would hold more of a chance of severing an artery or piecing an organ. You also aren't going to verbs the arrow out until you are somewhere where you can carterize the wound so they don't bleed to disappearance.

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