Anyone have numbness after knees surgery?

In August of 05, I hurt my knee within a soccer accident, it wasn't until March of 07 when I could finally enjoy the surgery. It's now almost July and the surface of the right side of my knees is completely numb, and has be since the surgery. Just the layers of skin, because when I push on my knees, I can feel it underneath the skin.

Also, they give me a nerve block surrounded by my groin area on the right side, and duplicate thing is occurring with the skin at the top of my thigh on the inside. It feel like its other asleep when I touch it.

And if there is an itch contained by either of these places, thigh or knees, no matter how complex I scratch I can't put together it go away.

Has anyone have this happen? Does the sensation ever come spinal column?

I also just have knee surgery -- 7 months after my artistic injury. You don't say what type of surgery yours be. I had an arthroscopy, a meniscus repair beside darts. So I can one and only tell you my experience, as I am not a doctor. :) I enjoy a lot of numbness, which my physician assures me is blemish tissue bedding down, he said this will continue for a while. This could be the basis of your numbness as well. Also, if they have to bend your knee any strange angles, this could enjoy cut off a backbone, which may take a while to "come back" if you will.
I would vote, but I'm not for sure, that your nerve block is still involved and that is why your leg still feel like it is asleep.
When within doubt, re-contact your doctor. You may annoy them, but it's your health, and it's your right to know what's going on.
this is completely common...i have my left knees fixed 2 years ago and i still have a numb spot on the top to hand the scar. my friend also have knee issues and have his fixed 4 years ago and still says he have numbness too. i don't know if it goes away but it does obtain more bareable. good luck=)
No the sensation never returns. I hold had both knees surgery and a biopsy done under my arm pit, both areas are still numb and the Doctor told me that it will stay that approach forever. Its really no big deal tho- considering the alternative, person numb is a good entry :)

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