Anyone uses hydrocodone for fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is an interesting condition. We don't fully understand how or why it begin and there are oodles interesting methods for treating it. Hydrocodone should help, it is a moderately powerful throbbing reliever. I am a pharmacist and I have see several patients get nouns by taking certain antidepressants (specifically Effexor). It is believed that within is some sort of connection that cause the chemical changes contained by your brain from these antidepressants to lessen your physical pain. The control here is that you take one pill a daylight and don't get the side effects of a narcotic. Anyways I hope this help some, if you have an specific question about your condition surface free to contatct me.
Yes, my aunt was diagnosed beside this several years ago,along with my mother within law and Lortab (which have hydrocodone in it) and antidepressants is what they prescribed for both. My aunt chose not to bring the hydrocodone and the other instead, but my mother in tenet has to hold it 4 times daily along next to the antidepressant which is supposed to also help near the pain (mental wise). Yes, it's addictive and eventually seem to cause an imperviousness to it..another words may not be as effective when you first fire up because you build a tolerance. Hope this helps
I know somebody that does.

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