Appendicitis or not? Help.?

I have have pain surrounded by the area my appendix is in the region of 3 times in my energy.. once was 1 or 2 years ago.. second be about 2 or 3 months ago. and 3rd be just 10 minutes ago.. The article is, the pain solitary last for smaller number than 5 minutes. Once I feel twinge, I cannot move because it starts to hurt, then it a short time ago goes away and I be aware of perfect, I can skip and everything and theres no pain. I dont know if I should really consider it appendicitis thats why I am here to ask. I also read that you may hold a fever, vomit, or diarreah, and I own never felt one of those. Should I still consider discussion to a doctor? The thing is we dont enjoy innsurance, please someone let me know what it is, passing is not cool.

This is probably not appendicitis, but it could be other things, so I would talk to your doctor.

For one article, it could be trapped gas.
Appedicitis is usually accompanied by a giant fever and severe abdominal throbbing in the far low right side of your tummy. The pain is almost excruciating when that spot is touched. You may also experience nausea and vomiting.
If the pain is just temporary and relieved by movement or exercise, it is most predictable not appedicitis.
Appencitis can only be cured by the surgical removal of the appendix (appendectomy).
It is possible the niggle you experienced is caused by something else (gas, intestinal irritation, pulled muscle). However, if you are concerned give or take a few your heath, you should aim the advice of a medical proffesional.

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