2 year weak have lots of mouth sores?

My son (2 years old) was deeply sick a couple of days ago, he was running glorious fevers and could not hold anything down. I completed up in the ER and be there until his restlessness broke. Last night I notice a sore on his lip and thought it must be a cold sore. This morning during breakfast he would not eat and be sticking his fingers in his mouth so I grab a flashlight and looked inside and saw another sore. This afternoon I went to put some more drug on the sores and noticed that he have so many more sores. They are on his tongue, within between teeth, on his cheeks, and inside lower lip. Are these still cold sores? I was told that that are freshly on the outside, and they don't look like Canker sores. Could these enjoy been cause by the fevers he be having? Anything a Doctor will do, or will they purely tell me to use the aching reliever from the store?

It does sound approaching it was from the restlessness . Some kids get those sores from chocolate when they are immature - but since your baby be ill , it's massively likely from confusion . If it's still there when you thieve him for a follow-up , mention it to the pediatrician . If he can take tylenol - to be exact most likely what they'd recommend - but you might hail as the doctors' office - newly to play it safe .
At that age it is intricate to say what is cause the sores, frankly I would take him to the pediatrician to be on the nontoxic side.
that happened to my son when he be little, I took him to the doctor again and it was a virus call stomatitus, not sure if I spelled that correctly, but they gave him antibiotics and glyserin to apply to the sores so the point is that it is best to enjoy him checked by a doctor.
Call your Dr. and let them know. Could be anything from cold sores to chicken pox to aversion to some medication they gave him.
It looks resembling your son has an allergy to something. See the Dr to find out what.
WOW! That definitly doesn't nouns good! I would nick him to the Pediatrician or Childrens Urgent Care cause seem like I remember when I be little their is a human version of Hoof and Mouth desease. I'm 51 and it seem like sometime channel back I remember that it wasn't obedient and was contagious

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