Appendicitis or not? Serious answers please.?

I have have pain surrounded by the area my appendix is nearly 3 times in my duration.. once was 1 or 2 years ago.. second be about 2 or 3 months ago. and 3rd be just 10 minutes ago.. The entry is, the pain just last for smaller amount than 5 minutes. Once I feel misery, I cannot move because it starts to hurt, then it newly goes away and I touch perfect, I can soar and everything and theres no pain. I dont know if I should really consider it appendicitis thats why I am here to ask. I also read that you may enjoy a fever, vomit, or diarreah, and I enjoy never felt one of those. Should I still consider chitchat to a doctor? The thing is we dont own innsurance, please someone let me know what it is, release is not cool.

Don't take a casual. Make an appointment with a doctor. If it get to a point where it is closely worse and you haven't had it checked even so, go to the hospital. It is far better to show up contained by the hospital for something minor than to die from something major that you did not hold checked out.
sounds like brass neck bladder troubles to me. I would see a doctor.
i had Appendicitis it would not stop hurting when i pee it burn it would be on the right side you i thank it may be somthing else shift to a doctor and let them grant you a x-ray.
Doesn't sound close to appy but, because you have have this type of pain a couple times contained by the past, would consider possibly kidney stones. any blood surrounded by urine? You are right, the appendicitis is usually accompanied by the other symptoms you describe. I would for sure recommend you discuss with you doctor.
my husband have an appendicitis and trust me it won't just step away he hurt for several hours he woke up on a Sunday morning, we got set for church but he was hurting he talk about staying home but he is a Sunday university teacher and really needed to be in attendance so he went and skilled , after church was over he required to go straight backbone home, he went to bed and after more or less an hour of laying nearby and the pain getting worse he thought that possibly he would get up and move around for a moment and eat something. Nothing help he just kept getting worse he said it feel like he have to go poo but nought would come out. And then my husband who will not move about to the Dr. for anything ask to be driven to the ER they took him straight to surgery and said that it was fixing to burst and that it be the size of a grape fruit.

I think that what you are have is really bad gas, and I am human being serious I have gotten this up to that time. Once I thought I was going to enjoy to go to the hospital but after the gas moved and I was fine I hope I help

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