Any devout cream for scar?!?

Hi! I plunged from my bike last Thursday and get stitches and all contained by my face...anyone can recommend me a GOOD cream I could use? Thanks for taking your time to answer!! :O) Good Night

aloe - rub it on the mutilation every morning and every night.
Mederma and Vit E capsule broken open.
aveeno thats what i used when i have stiches it makes it smaller and i have to use it in my hackle though so...
vitamin e gel tabs..break them depart and rub the vitamin e right on the scar...everyday up to that time bed.

wear sunscreen during the day.
Creams and rub may help. Any sort of moisturizing cream will do; ‘cocoa butter’ cream is a popular choice. Apply the cream and next gently wipe it into the scarred nouns with a circular movement. Do this for roughly 5 minutes twice a day. Do not use steroid cream; it will not assistance.

Sunblock is important if the mark is on exposed skin. Scars do not contain the normal pigments that protect skin, so burn confidently
Not really, but Neosporin makes a patch that is to say used post surgically to reduce scare and the company claims it will revise scars that are elder. Patches are in the drug stores over the counter.
Mederma can be pricey and relations usually only mention it because it's human being heavily advertised right presently.

There are plenty of options as you can see within the link below. Everything from creams to gel pad that you can place on your skin a few hours a day (those work the best and can be purchased at a medical supply store).
very well i got stitches contained by my leg and used those stick on Mederma scar things and worked great
and next i use Neosporin for my acne scars and works great too.

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