Anyone have Tibial Osteotomy for bowlegs?

How long was the recovery?

Can you play basketball and run?

How much did it cost?

I'm answering because it has been three days without anyone with experience with this surgery answering your question.

I'm guessing you have seen a specialist for your medical issues. I recommend you call your doctors office and ask these questions with his/her nurse.

Below is an web address that will answer some of your questions:

How Long Is the Recovery?

Because the tibial osteotomy involves cutting the bone and having it mend back together, a significant postoperative course of therapy needs to be followed. Hospitalization can last from three to six days. Once out of the hospital, the knee will need to be immobilized with a cast or brace for at least six weeks. Crutches should be used during that time. Knee swelling can last for three to six months. Typically patients could miss three to six months of work, but that depends on the doctor’s recommendations and each individual case.

The road back to full weight bearing will differ with each patient’s progress and situation. Normally, weight-bearing activities can begin at six weeks after surgery and gradually increase up to 10 weeks post surgery. After 12 – 14 weeks the patient will be able to resume some higher impact activities. A physical therapist usually helps the patient through the rehabilitation process.


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