A cut on my leg is leak "water"?

I cut my leg, at first it bled.. now it is leak what appears to be water... it soaked through the band-aid. Why would wet be coming out of my leg???

That is lymphatic fluid and antihystamines trying to heal the wound. Do not touch it or cut into, change the nouns aid and keep it verbs with a dutiful antiseptic wash and a drop of tincture of iodine. After 24 hours, if it looks o.k, remove the tie aid and let the fresh nouns circulate, but keep it verbs and do not fiddle next to it. It needs to form a scap which assists to protect it while the automatic healing take place under it.
Depending where on earth the cut is, more fluid may seep, do not touch it. However, if the cut is ample go hold some stitches placed or it will leave a discouraging scar to say aloud the least, the skin requests to close or you will face septic problems.
(The iodine will serve to keep it sterile and dry but if you obligation stitches do not use it the skin edges need to be fresh to stamp well together).
idk but it's probably not marine
It is not water, it is call intersticial fluid. Is your leg infected??
put the bandaid on looser- squeezing it will cause the fluid to overflow out.
Depending on how long ago you cut it, it could be puss. I'd make sure to verbs it with antibacterial soap and put some neosporin on it. Keep an eye on it if it get red and inflammed or any other signs of infection I'd go to the Dr.
It's not wet it's pus your leg it infected and you need to budge to the doctor. Or at least put some peroxide or neosporin on it. If it get worse it should turn red around the cut and ooze white pus.
That sounds more like pus. It could be infected, so I suggest putting an anesthetic on the cut, and move about to a doctor if it gets worse.
It isn't marine... It's just another fluid coming from your body. Probably pus.
try cleaning the cut beside some hydrogen peroxide, this should clean it. it shouldn't be hose down, but perhaps puss. depending on whether or not it is infected.
own you been swimmin or sumthin
Well, how big is the cut. If it's a serious cut, don't put neosporin or peroxide on it...turn to the doctor. If it's a minor cut, then what others hold said is good counsel.
its not puss!!
mine does it all the time when i carry a cut and its definatley not puss.
'weeping wound' is when plasma fromthe blood just leak out as its trying to heal.

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