After the stitches come out, is it not detrimental to...?

I got into a rock climbing coincidence 2 weeks ago when a sharp rock sliced deep into my right knees. Even so, I was lucky and no plunder to the bone or any tendons occurred. Everything's gone economically ever since I got stitched up at the hospital. No infections, I've be taking it easy on my knees during this whole time, be washing it, applying anti-bacterial gel, etc.

The wound seems approaching it's healed ably. My question is, after the stitches are out, can I step right back to jog, biking, and other kinds of approaching activities again? Does something approaching the knee necessitate more time to heal back putting the normal amount of exercise stress on it again?

Any push for would be appreciated.

yep, you can go spinal column and resume your normal comings and goings right away. just be aware that it first everyhting might consistency stiff and a little unusual. if there is any niggle then stop because you are not completely heal and go posterior to the doc.
I wouldn't immediately start running, but possibly fast walking for a week or so a moment ago to make sure that zilch else is wrong with it. If you didn't gain access to the bone or any tendons, than you should be fine.
You should be ok, but scars are extremely senstiive to UV rays. I would cover it up with a big bandage. This will comfort with the deformity not being sun burned and keeping any particle from getting into the scar itself.
i construe its ok but u should just lift it easy possibly just walkin brisk and lite joggin

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