Ankle discomfort 1 year after injury, re-sprained, MEB possible?

I sprained my ankle with on busy duty training, last year. It never really heal. I haven't been competent to do much physical stuff since then. I can't stand for long short it hurting. I have a brace, but it doesn't help out. Nothing really helps. I re-sprained it again this year on helpful duty training. They mentioned MEB. I am wondering what I need to do. I requirement to get a profile, but I am not sure how. Can they see me out for having an injury that won't restore to health, if it happened on busy duty?

Ankle sprains heal, if you still hold problems, then it is something else besides a sprain. Perhaps things resembling tarsal tunnel syndrome, more likely an osteochrondral injury, approaching osteochondritis dessicans of the talus. If I were still on helpful duty, working in Orthopedics, I would direct a CT scan or MRI of your ankle, to look for such a problem. If it is related to your service, then the service will facilitate take assistance of it. A Medical Evaluation Board is preceeded by a PEB Physical evaluation Board, this is where they look at factor and job requirements within your MOS. If you can still function within those requirements, next you get issued a perm. profile. But earlier you jump on the "I'm disabled" articulated vehicle for a free ride in duration, seek out and go and get that anke examined by a competent Orthopedic/Podiatrist Doctor to look for those other causes.
Of course, its the administration. They can do what ever they want!

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