Ok so yesterday I get bit on the appendage by this zebra looking mosqiuto?

It was black and white striped, and it looked similar to a mosquito, and it bit my hand by the knuckle, and immediately my whole knuckle is swollen and itchy and its spreading to the reast of my paw. What should I do. No other symptoms.

Yes, it was a mosquito that bit your foot. This species is called an Asian Tiger Mosquito, and they are aboriginal to the continent of Asia. They were brought over from import products in former times decades and are now pretty prevalent throughout the United States. They're characteristically voracious biters, and their bite inflicts a rapid allergic antipathy that many report to be much worse than a bite from the adjectives mosquito. So, here's what to do about your bite: Rub isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) on the artificial area. This will rob some of the swelling down and decrease your spontaneous effect. Put an over-the counter antihistamine cream on the area, resembling Calamine lotion. This will reduce the affects of the allergic spontaneous effect. You can also take a benadryl out loud. Make sure to watch for infection, and try not to cut into the area too much. It'll single make it worse and increase the luck for infection.
go see a doctor
That be a dragon fly and you need to step see a doctor because you may be allergic to them if you have never get bit by one before!
put some "after bite" on it and appropriate a benedryl
Sounds like a Tiger Mosquito. Look at the website below and procure some real information.
Aaaah! You're going to grow mega-cooties, turn blue next to pink polkadots and then your insides are gonna swap places near our outsides!
Come on, you've been bitten by mosquitoes until that time. You obviously dug at it near dirty fingernails and got an infection beneath the skin. You will probably need to see physician for antibiotic treatment. Next time, hang on to your fingernails off the spot when you take 'skeeter bit!

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