Ankle hurts!?

yea i alreayd have 2 torn muscles in there...but i went through a whole lot of therpy and wat not to get over it...and today its been about 2 weeks that i got back into soccer...and i kinda twisted but not to hard or else i would be crying lol ...and it really hurts right in the front of the ankle in the kinda feels like the vain or somthing...any tips how to calm the pain except ice and vicks and icy hot...and wat i can use to wrap it up so i can play thursday =) thx plz no negetive comments...=)

You got yourself in a little pickle here sunny.. Just kidding.

I suggest you get one of those ankle sleeves, you want one that fits just right so you will have support for your ankle. A regular ace bandage wouldn't work because it would be to think and the ankle sleeves are just like having on a sock underneath a sock. I recommend putting it on first thing tomorrow so your ankle can get used to it, like rotating your foot around in a circle, this way you will know what it is going to feel like. I hope all goes well with your game.

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