Am I baby my sprained ankle?

June 20 I sprained my ankle I had an xray it be good , I tried not to amble on it for two days then I used crutches for a few days later went down to one concluding week I went to the gymand simply did the bike slowly for 25min.then rime it . it has be twoand half weeks I try and verbs my foot toward me it is painful and it swells and I cant curl my toes . Iam going to the shopping arcade with my daughter for give or take a few 9hrs for girls day . what do I requirement to do suck it p or be more easy on it ?

I recommend that you hold an orthopedic doctor take a look at the ankle and after go see a physical psychoanalyst. The physical therapy can comfort decrease the swelling, get hold of the motion back into your ankle, draw from the strength back into your ankle muscles (they own weakened), and re-train your balance.
doesn't nouns like any sprain i've ever have.
it does however sound similar to what i went through near torn ligaments.

maybe your doctor should do an MRI, as an x-ray won't show soft tissue destroy.

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