Any solutions to unflustered the anguish of an earache?

I have have a severe earache the past few days. Went to the doctor yesterday for some antibiotics. He told me to purloin tylenol for the pain but it is scarcely dulling it. It is excruciating. Anyone have any homemade remedies that might any speed up recovery or assist with the twinge?


Use ibuprofen or naproxen in a prescription strength dose for the torment and use a heating wad.
a clove of garlic peeled and slightly smushed worked for my daughter when she have an earache. just tuck it firmly (not too firmly) within your ear. men love this smell! it's like perfume to them!
Trying using Burrow's Solution, it is an ear cleanser and won't hurt, without a doubt might help.
I progress a step further to "hrhviolette" method.

Get a clove of garlic and chop off lone one or two thin and small slices.

Heat some grease (hardly a teaspoon) and throw in the garlic pieces until brown brown and the garlic smell is gone.

Let the oil cool a bit and pour a drop or two of the heat oil into the ear.

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