All The Sudden ??

why do i think im pretty adjectives the sudden ?? i used to think i be hideous ??

is there a possibility you have need of new specs or that the mirror that you are looking into is dirty? Maybe it is both? Hmm
you have other been pretty, silly!
Brain chemistry? Have you started taking any untried medication lately? Were you depressed in former times? Either that or you've woken up to the fact that you really are good-looking and deserve to be happy.
Congratulations, you've come to embrace your feminity. I am so positive for you! And remember, beauty comes from in, so the happier you are and the more satisfied you are near the woman you are, the more beautiful you'll look.
Its strange aye? When you are hunch good in the region of yourself, you look it the mirror and like it. When your self-esteem is low, you look contained by the mirror and hate it. Funny, shows that its adjectives in your person in charge. Something must have happen to boost your self esteem. And about time, your wonderful!
did you do something different to your body maybe get skinnier and look better or you got elder and think you lookbetter immediately.
well thats a devout thing that your positive going on for your self keep it up
u enjoy alwayz been pretty to me u r hot
Because you are! settle not yourself for there are plenty of others to do it for you! LOL
you seem to be cute to me I'm turning 14 if u want to talk but to answer your quiz it's probably cause your shifting threw life.
Oh my virtue!
Narcissistic perhaps?
I remember those days when my biggest verbs was what I should wear to conservatory tomorrow..

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