Anything I can do for my nerves?

Lately I have have pains in my right or vanished elbow, usually left leg, and my wrist up into my finger. I do not really know whats cause the pain its not constant but when it hurts, its almost fruitless enough to cry, I usually filch pain capably. My friend told me its probably nerves and my mom agreed. Anything I can do for it. Can it be serious??

I would go ahead and produce a dr appointment. They will be able to distribute you something for it or it could be a sign of something more serious going on. Dont ignore it.
insightful breathing exercises.

visualize yourself in a in control peaceful setting
Try not to be within so much pain, that usually works for me.
its nought i have matching thing.receive a massage or transport a hott bath & drink hotttt tea!
Sounds approaching Carpal Tunnel's Syndrome to me. Take brakes when you type or do anything else intricate with your hand. Now is a very virtuous time to visit a doctor for this, because it can acquire worse!

Be safe!
It sounds approaching you have a pinched impudence somewhere. I would discuss this with a doc. I hold a herniated disk in my d¨Ścolletage which causes impossible to tell apart sort of pains. It hurts like crazy. Take Motrin or another benign of anti-inflammatory, which will ease the aching some, but don't avoid going to a doctor. There are many ways to injure yourself minus knowing it. Better safe than sorry.
it sounds approaching your getting early signs of arthritis. you sahould definately consider seeking advisement from a rheumatologist.

you should other first go to your PCP and consequently get referrred.

if you honestly give attention to that it is your nerves, consider taking an over the counter drug when the pain starts up (tylenol or advil) and if this doesnt work after an hour try getting a hold of zanax.

if the zanax works, you must shift to the rheumatologist because this is definately arthritis.

good luck.
At your age I presume it is very unusual to be have those chronic pains.
Most likely a pinched gall. You should ask your mom to take you to jump get your put a bet on realigned. My wife has duplicate thing.
Any torment that is adequate to make you cry wants a doctors attention. Talk to your mother and go!

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