Anyone know what I chest hurts everytime I breathe!?

I'm pregnant and of course I don't want any gentle of thing to effect me. About 5 days ago I started getting a somewhat sharp niggle under the gone side of my rib cage. I didn't chew over anything of it. Well, as the days have progressed it have moved into my entire chest until last darkness when my chest, sides, back, shoulders and nouns were massacre me. I couldn't' take more than shallow breaths and I be waiting till I felt that I couldn't breathe much longer and I be going to go to the hospital. Well, I took some tylenol and my fiance rubbed adjectives over my painful areas and I fell asleep. This morning I perceive better but it still hurts to breathe but not as bad and I can breathe deeper.
Anyone know what's up?

sounds a bit like pneumonia. catch checked asap. also have them check you for a pulled chest wall muscle.
might b gas.
could be deeply of things...why didn't you go to the hospital?
Bruised ribs even...enjoy you knocked them? thats as sore as cracked or boken ones.
One entity I noticed be the shallow breathing.DONT DO matter how much it hurts breathe normally/deeply.shallow breathing can raison d`¨ētre pnemonia
You could have of late pulled a muscle in your rib round up due to moving the wrong way (combined next to the baby weight).

The other symptoms (shallow breating, increased anguish in other areas) nouns like a frenzy attack. When you panic, your muscles tighten up and you tend to breathe shallow.

It could be nil but I would see your doctor to make sure everything is okay. After adjectives, it isn't just you to verbs about.

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