7 yr old son had two separate hernia repairs last year, now it appears he has another one.?

My son, then 6, had one repair in Mar '06 and another in July '06. On the initial visit w/ family dr, she turned to me after the exam & asked me if I knew what a hernia was. I told her to stand him up &she would see his hernia. And she did. She did the exact same thing for the 2nd hernia, questioning me-surgeon did same thing both times& found large hernias. In Jan'07, he appeared to have another 1. She, once again, questioned me. When it got worse 2 wks ago, we saw a dif dr in the practice- he refered my son back to the surgeon. The surgeon laid my son on the table, told him to cough, stood him up & took two fingers to the underside of his testicles & pushed up--looked at me & said he didn't have a hernia. Yet my son woke me up two days before that, said he had a sting around his cut (scar from surgery) & threw up, has ran a low-grade temp for 2 weeks & has direct pain near the same scar & is laying around. Surgeon says maybe it's a viral infec. Can anyone help me? What should I do?

Ok, My father had a few hernias repaired a few years back so I know what they are and how they are repaired. If your son is in pain and has had a fever and your current doctor does not seem to be able to help you, I would consult another doctor. We all would like to think that doctors are perfect, however they are humans and are capable of mistakes. Consult another doctor just to be sure that everything is going to be ok. Chances are your doctor is correct, however for piece of mind a second oppinion is your best bet. I hope your son feels better soon, the poor thing is too young to be in this much pain so often. My thoughts are with you hun.

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