How do antacid tablets work?

In a nutshell by neutralising the excess acid surrounded by the stomach
they are alkaline and they neutralise the acid contained by the stomach
You might remember learning give or take a few the ph scale surrounded by high institution science. Acids and bases. Orange liquid would be the acid and milk the remnant. Thats pretty much what the antacid tablet is. A consolidated base to be a foil for out the excess of acid surrounded by your digestive system. You could just drink milk and it would be alike thing.
Simple chemistry. Antacids are basis, which means that they counter chemically with acids to neutralize them. The sharp in this defence would be the excess acid within your stomach. Have you ever been contained by a chemistry class where you enjoy had to titrate an bitter (such as hydrocloric acid,) near a base (such as sodium hydroxide?) To titrate way to slowly drip the base INTO the sour until a neutral indicator placed within the acid turns color, recitation you that the solution is neutral. Antacids work on that same principle.
very well if you want to look at it chemically. In science they refer acids and bases onto a pH size. a pH of <7 is a base and >7 is and bitter. The antacid tablet is a base. Which when acids and basis combine they neutralize and for salts and wet. Which make you urinate. The tart in your stomach and the tablet neutralize and capably, you pee.
I have also hear that Diet Pepsi works really well for indigestion
My friend suffers from it and she swears it works

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