What are option for 12 yr older near torn ACL?

My 12 year old tore his ACL skiing surrounded by January. He has injured himself a couple more times since consequently and we just found out that he tore his ACL. He is planning on playing football this plunge and he's heartbroken to surmise he can't. We see a surgeon next week, but anyone hold any ideas give or take a few what we are up against?

In most cases a 12 yr old cannot own reconstructive surgery to repair a completely ruptured ACL. This is because in the process of the surgery the surgeon have to drill a hole in the bone on both the femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone). These are the anchors for the ACL graft. The nouns of bone that is drilled within is where the growth plate is. Unless your 12 yr infirm has fused growth plates at 12 (which would be extremely rare) they cannot do the surgery until the skeleton mature (probably around 14-16). In the meantime your child will probably have to wear a brace to tender the knee stability when he plays sports. Now the scenario is different if your son pulled the ACL out of where on earth it attaches on the tibia (known as a tibia spine fracture).. then they can put it backbone in place.
one of my friends tore both tendons surrounded by her knee second year, and had to own reconstructive microsurgery. After about 3-5 months recouping post-surgery, she can now play football again. As your 12 year behind the times is much younger, he should heal even faster. It should be a few months beforehand he can play, but he should be fine by fall, if he have his surgery soon. Good luck!

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