2 question, please answer. The first one is..?

Why do we get points taken away for asking question?

The other is: Whats wrong with me? I am 22 yrs antediluvian, and my hands cramp and grasp stiff from time to time, my leg are always cramping similar to when Im sleeping at night, or trying to, I acquire these wicked charlie horses contained by my legs and have to go and get up and try to walk them out. Is this ordinary for someone so young?

First: it's because you both answer and ask question, not just ask. This mode there would be a kinda be a foil for and everybody gets answers too. Because if you want to hang on to on asking, you should keep on answering too.

Second: I chew over this could be a sign of lack of iron within your blood, get a blood interview, see a doctor. It's pretty normal for females, but don't consume iron pills lacking consulting a Doctor.

Good luck!
eat banans and grasp some iron pills (got the same prob)
at hand are a few things that could cause this.

anemia, poor circulation, thyroid embalance, and auto immune disease. I would see the doctor and own some routine labs done. such as a B-12 level, hemoglobin, ferratin horizontal, CBC, Chem. Profile and a TSH.
I am 24 and when I was something like 21 or 22 I did a lot of running. I did something like 6 miles a day and I never stretched. When I would sleep I would bring extremely painful charlie horses. So perchance that could be it, if you work out pretty extensively. I don't get them anymore because I get lazy haha.
enjoy you ever tried to donate blood? well you should try. grounds why is because they test your iron previously you can donate.

you sound anemic to me (i am anemic - pregnancy induced - but same symptoms: stiffness, soreness, tightness, etc.)

anemia also cause you to be tired and have dizziness.

anemia is graceful to treat (taking a daily vitamin or iron supplement), however you should see your doctor if, within fact, your problem is iron.

suitable luck!

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