Achilles tendon rupture/rip? Have you injured yours?

When doing cross-country running, as it has been really rainy lately, many cross-country runners wear 21millimetre spikes on his shoes for grip.
If someone was running and slipped over and someone fell over him and their spike landed on his ankle would it be able to rip the Achilles heel tendon in half and if so what would happen?
How much pain would it cause?
How would it be fixed?
How long would the recovery take?
How long would it be before he could start running again?
Would there be a lot of blood?
And what would it fel like? I heard that the tendon slithers back up your calf as it is not connected, is this true?

Without your achilles tendon, one could not walk. There are many freak accidents that i have heard of with people rupturing their tendons, i am sure if that incident happened that it could be possible. Patients that had this incident recall that it is "very painful" and "like something is missing down in my foot" Achillies tear almost always needs to be repaired through surgery, and can take months for it to start feeling better. As for running, he may have to wait a few months after surgery and some professional therapy to start running cross country again. Keep in mind that the achilles is an inportant tendon in your ankle, you need it to be able to walk. So it can take a several months for things to get back to normal. i wish you the best.

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