Can't sleep!?

Its 11:20 where i am and i cant sleep!any suggestions besides meds (i dont enjoy any sleeping pills).I will try any thing basically pleas help!

Any of the following:
1) Drink a chalice of warm wet
2) Drink a glass of lukewarm milk
3) Read a boring book
4) Count to 100, 1000
5) Meditate formerly sleep
6) Lie down in bed lacking pillow with hand on the sides and talk yourself to relax

If you do adjectives this and still not sleeping, I guess it would have become morning. Get a cup of coffee and hold a good daylight :)
try reading a boring book in bed near the lights dimmed
and dont stop reading till u fall asleep .
ummm try and rest ur mind, because if your thinking give or take a few too many things ur brain will verbs to run and think and u wont plummet asleep.
or you could pray...
i have 2:

any pretend to be asleep: act approaching your trying to fool somebody into believing it.

(if you have a tv within your room) lay on your chest towards the tv. watch anything... (interesting or boring) your eyes will eventually obtain heavy. consent to them close and then your out!

hope this help...

ps: good hours of darkness! : )
well ..Sleeping is a problem for me and wat i do almost everyday be to hear nice music or songs till i fall sleep . music relax my mind . try and appropriate luck
You may not have these things for tonight, but receive some lavender linen spray and lightly spray a bit on your pillow. Make sure your bedroom is nice and dark. Get a disc with soothing sounds of hose down, like a rainstorm (without the thunder or birds chirping). Make sure you hold a little nouns movement, like a ceiling follower, or a small fan, or better nonetheless, if there is a nice outdoor breeze where on earth you are, crack open a pane. If you surround yourself with these lovely sounds, smells - composed - it will help you to relax. Listen to the precipitation, feel the breeze and soak up the calmness.and grain your eyelids get thickset and hopefully it won't take long for you to leak into a good night's rest. Sweet dreams.
So far adjectives good ideals . Some family drink warm milk to give a hand them sleep. Might try a bowl of ice cream it will breed you cold and when you get thaw out you will want to sleep plus a sugar coma sometimes help. All else fail Walgreen's is open 24 hr and sleep aid is non addictive and works surrounded by about 20 min.
drink melt milk

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