Am taking glucosamine & chondoroitin uniflex amalgamated fluid schiff Move Free advanced, what is its side effects?

Several years ago I was dianosed to suffer knees problems and my vertebrate bone also beside pain, I be given anti pain drug for my RA. later for about a month my relatives bought Move Free Advanced by Schiff purposly to rebuild, protect and replenish my almost worn out knees catilage & joint= I wish to know if in attendance is/are side effect or will it produce any harm to my othe bones. it within any strong finding that this really will elp

The information I was given didn't show any side effects. It did right to be heard it wasn't for everyone and, may not even work so, I didn't bother with it. It said it may run some time to do anything.
Try a Yahoo search for "glucosamine + chondroitin" + "side effects" and see what you draw from.

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