ALL NURSES, DOCTORS, & HEALTHCARE WORKERS!!coughing up blood, vomiting, stops breathing??

My mom has be coughing for 3 weeks now. The cough comes suddenly and when it comes she cant breathe. She coughs up mucus near blood in it and vomits every darkness...the cough lasts for roughly speaking 5-8 minutes and is frequent...when it comes its like she is losing her voice she cant discuss that well. She say that it is not painful and cough drops or honey doesn't give support to...any ideas as to what this could be and how we can oblige it until she sees a doctor? THAnKS!

this sounds approaching phneumonia or bronchittis ... if she is still coughing up mucus then im thinking more on the brochittis and YES its contagious ... and if its be 3 weeks it will sook be turning into phneumonia if its not already there ... and sometimes this shows short pain ... ...

again ... do not bottleneck medical treatment any longer ... you do not need a respiratory outbreak contained by the middle of the summer months where ever you are ... if she is not concerned nearly herself she should at least be concerned more or less all those that she is coughing on or towards
when she get a diagnosis, you will know if it's contagious. drive her to the ER now.
I don't know what it is... but it could be tuberculosis which is contagious. She really wishes to see a doctor.
If she smokes, she needs to stop...NOW. Nothing to do except clutch her to the ER if a doctor won't see her.
Make her go to the Dr. It might singular be phenomena, but it could be as serious as TB. As a health aid worker she should know that.
This could even be asthma, or it could be something much more dangerous. Pneumonia is a possibility. If she does not enjoy insurance, find a free clinic in your nouns and convince her to go. Or an urgent watchfulness center. It is possible the treatment may be simple, but she needs medical evaluation. Don't hindrance.

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