Whats wrong near me!!!?

ok, a month ago i had a pave the way injury. i fractured the tamporal bone on both sides f my head. i be rished to the hospital where they took comfort of me. they said i would be fine, they did xrays MRI and other scans they looked at my barin and EVERYTHING looked fine. they sent me home but consequently later on i notice that my sense of smell what not good at adjectives...i can small rubbing achohal and stuff like that but really nought else. i am totally normal but i stipulation ot know how to get my sense of smell vertebrae and dont tell me i want ot go to the doctors cuz i prohibit, just assist me please tell me how i can achieve my sense of smell back:)

The discouraging news is that it will pocket as long as it takes to make well. The good report is that it won't take longer than that.

You have broken temporal bones, and that tells one that your brain get shaken around in here pretty good. The rudeness that controls smell is the olfactory nerve, or Cranial Nerve I. it pass through a sieve-like bone structure called the cribriform plate into the feeler.

What probably happened is that the gall got stretched as the soft parts (the brain and the nerves that are attached to it) be pulled against the hard parts (where the guts goes through the bone from brain to feeler.)

Like any part of the body that get injured, the nerve react. It may have swollen, and that would stop the impulse being sent from your proboscis to your brain. This will probably heal, and your sense of smell will come vertebrae in time.

As far as I know, here is nothing that will hurry the process along. Horrid as it sounds, you may own to bear beside it until everything gets fund to normal.

The problem is that a go before injury can lead to anosmia, or loss of the sense of smell. Since you can smell strong odors, I would chew over, based on reading and self a nurse, that as the irritation of the nerves heals, your smelling skill and sense will get better.

I know you don't want to hear it, but the enormously best place to get information is a doctor, probably a specialist close to an ear, eye, nose and throat specialist, or a neurologist. Those MDs can examine, assessment and for that reason convey you much more clearly than an answer board can what is and what is not happening.
Sorry, yes, you want to see your doctor. You had a brain injury, and it sounds as if you be very lucky. But you solely have one brain, and it's not something to mess around near. Run, don't walk to the doctor. It will probably come spinal column in time, and to be exact what he/she will most likely narrate you, but the doctor should be made aware of the fact that your sense of smell have been artificial, in the event that it is something that they requirement to know.
a neurologist is prolly who you need a referral for... sorry, this could be pro tem but it could be permanent- good luck near the doctor!
Refusing to see a doctor when something is wrong after a head injury shows your judgement have been artificial by the injury. Get yourself to the doctor!

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