Are in attendance any methods for oxycontin withdrawl?

i have be on oxycontin for 10 years on and off (mostly on) due originally to an injury contained by Mexico,naturally go to mexican drugstore, where over a term of years was bringing rear legs 300 O's at a crack from mexico, no customs hassles at adjectives (well, they did'nt find them). Now i have a legit script from my dr. for foot nueropathy, but i still rough up and go thru 60 40 mg's surrounded by 2 weeks then own to wait 2 weeks for a unusual script, this wait can be full of mixed withdrawl stmptoms, i know all roughly speaking solutions for hangovers (im sober immediately though) what about conquering this oxy ****? would close to to stop for good. this drugs psychological draw is strong too!

double up on your intake and forget the world exists
Oxycontin is used contained by Heroin. Your symptoms will be the same so you should look into how to take through a heroin withdrawl.
Talk to your doc, you may need a support group.
Dude, you inevitability to goto a doctor that deals beside withdrawals. Its outstandingly dangerous to try to stop taking a narcotic approaching that on your own.
Try going to a Pain Management Clinic. Admit to them that you are addicted. Those doctors deal next to addiction on a regular basis and should be sympathetic to your situation. They will probably prescribe a regimen of gradual decrease in your dosages to achieve you off aching killers for well brought-up. You still have to do your subdivision of following the regimen. Try using a weekly or monthly pill dispenser- put in the amount of pills you'll allow yourself to lug over a specific time period.
chitchat to your doctor about individual on a drug called's a strong anguish killer but will grasp rid of the with drawl symtoms from oxycontin...i be also on oxycontin and you will soon find that doctors won't perscribe it anymore due to high cost and insurance companys won't pick up they are no longer making generic oxy' also might want to try the drug ms contin to be precise what i am on works right not as good as oxycontin but it works for discomfort...good luck!
consult to your dr about this more than possible they will send you to strain clinic or you can just phone up a pain clinic for abet.they will probally put you on methodone or methadose. this medication is made to help addict from oc withdrawls

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