Elbow aching?

Recently I have gotten a dull pain in my elbow. I enjoy been playing greatly of tennis lately, and earlier today I hit my elbow into a concrete surface, I am not sure if either of these enjoy to do with the distress, but now my elbow hurts to bend or rest on something such as a table. It is not an extreme throbbing, just a small nagging aching that after a while starts to getr annoying and painful. What can I do to support make it perceive better. (by the way it is not swollen or bruised surrounded by apperance)

Answers:    You might have chipped the bone..it's unyielding to say w/o xray. Try rime and heat and advile for 1-2 wks and bio freeze misery gel. You also may have tennis elbow..which you inevitability an elbow strap.
I know the great help for that its call PainFix...go to www.nutrinashopping.com and you can decree it from there no falsehood it work I use it for my back pains..Try it and consent to me know how it feels after 15 minutes...they usually ship it out equal day

did you instruct it?
If you bruise the inside of the elbow joiont it can and will hurt for at least a week. If you rime it for about 30 min a sunshine you'll notice that it will hurt alot smaller quantity

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