ABNORMAL X Ray on a 3 yearold?

hi! for a year or so my 3 1/2 year old has had pains in his legs. we thought that he was saying it just for attention up untill 3 months ago, when we put it down to growing pains.. now as they're getting worse (to the point at times he cant walk) we took him to the doctors. they ordered an x ray, and apparently theres an abnormality of some sort on is bone. What could this be?? They're going to do a bone scan and a whole heap of other tests, just wondering if anyone knows what it could be?? I am so worried. Thanks

It's impossible to say exactly what could be the cause of the pains, and although I can make a listing of possibities, I think it would frighten you more than reassure you. The one thing I can tell you is that most of the problems with bones of little one's are fairly easily dealt with- one of the good things about pediatric patients is that they are doing a lot of growing and things can be corrected a lot easier than in us older folks. There isn't anything one can say to a parent in your situation that is going to make you feel easier, I know- I have six of my own. The best person to reassure you is the child's doctor, and at this point, a pediatric orthopedist. Once they have the tests, they will be able to tell you a lot more about what is causing the problem exactly and what can be done to correct it. Until then, I recommend you try to stay as calm as you can (easier typed than done, I know) and don't go searching out all the possible explainations as you will only frighten yourself more. Try to assure yourself that his age is actually a good factor, and the sooner the right explaination is found, the sooner things can be fixed.

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