Ankle surgery interview?

ok so i am 15 years old and own hypermobility i play soccer and so my ankles seem to enjoy a hard time holding up they are pretty much within constant pain and i dont really sprain them(like little sprains) repeatedly because they are so loose but every once in a while i bring a real unpromising sprain that partially tears a few ligaments. this have been going on for a year in a minute and we have tried everything that in attendance is too try as far as helping my ankles my orthopedic surgeon says that anytime very soon is a good time to do a brostrom (pardon my spelling) surgery to repair the ligaments it wouldnt be right away but contained by a few months so my question is have anyone had this done or does anyone know anything in the region of the surgery? any suggestions or recommendations of any description would be appreciated! i have talk to my parents and they say that whenever i requirement the surgery it is up to me to decide but i estimate i am going to try to hold it off until the conclusion of soccer next summer is this a moral idea?any relief is great! thanks!

Sweetie, I have an idea that it's best if you go through the surgery in a minute..
My co-worker once told me that it is better if you break something and have the surgery, a bit then keep hold of it off and own the ligaments get stretched further and further. So I meditate you are a very faithful athlete, but maybe it's best for you to step through the inconvenience of the surgery now, a bit then subsequently.It is summer and you might recooperate in time for conservatory.
Good luck and best of wishes.

P.S. IGNORE the guy above me!!
Don't let him alarm you!
IT hurts, it burns , it bleeds, its gross, it hurts, then bleeds some more consequently they amputate it then replace it beside a robot foot! hope this helped

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