Anyone hold any home remedies for a gassy fancy.its within my chest?

and please dont say burp effect ive tried that

Sometimes at night, I'll wake up up with a gas strain in my upper pay for. I do all of the following and I'm not sure if near is one specific thing that help, or if it's the combination.
-Quickly drink a glass of sea, maybe 2 if you can help yourself to it.
-Sitting or standing, put your left appendage on your hip and you right hand straight up surrounded by the air, your arm subsequent to you right ear. Lean over to the left as far as you can budge while still feeling comfortable and no central pain. Repeat on the other side.
-You can also put your hand on the small of your back and squeeze your shoulder blades together. This is a honest stretch for posture, but may also help move the gas around, helping to break it up.
-Also, I know this is going to nouns insane, but I had a yoga mentor who started each session next to this: make your hand into a fist and tap your chest contained by an upward motion. DON'T punch yourself or hurt yourself, just serene taps next to the fists. Supposedly it helps circulation of the blood and get oxygen to the part of the body you are working on. I do this on my rear and it actually feel good, approaching a massage.

Good luck! Those pains are the worst!
I would see a doctor.
not a home remedy but simethicone (chewable) is amazing!!
try some TUMS or something resembling GAS-X, or you could try using liquid MYLANTA
Arm and Hammer Baking soda (not powder) will backing but it tastes horrible and will expected overdse you on sodium. You could try a bit once but don't use routinely.
My brother and grandfather always said that coarse almonds and Dr Pepper worked great for upset stomach or hearburn.

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