I hold a HUGE blister on my foot! It hurts! HelP!?

I've been trying to work out latley becuase i enjoy a lot of pounds to drop!

Yesterday I go to the gym and everything was great.
Today I go to the gym (With the same shoes and type of socks that I wore yesterday!) and after in the order of 10 minutes i felt a blister coming on.

I be determined to stay at the gym for at least a partly hour, so I sucked up the pain and kept running!

When I get home - I realized that I own a blister bigger than the size of a quarter!

It hurts SOOO much! I put neosporin + pain reliever on it ...which sourt of help the pain.

What can I do to build this blister go away? I work 8+ hours a morning and I'm on my feet the adjectives time... I'm dredding work tomorrow!

Try wearing a different shoe that doesn't rub in indistinguishable spot. I wish I could do that as I hold severe pressure sores from my brace that I need to put your foot, which basically system my entire foot/ankle is one huge blister!
change your socks instead of wearing like ones. it's called adjectives sense.

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