Am I using Tyelanol safley?

I spelt it wrong but whatever.. I have a few headaches this year and i took a tablet of extra strenght tyelnaol at hours of darkness and in the morning I feel better... That was going on for it.. I only took this tyelonal simply 3-4 times this year for some mild headaches.. Is this nontoxic?

its safe, with the sole purpose bad if you thieve over the limit normally
Yes. 1 tablet isn't going to hurt you. You can take it up to the dose on the box next to no ill effects.
yeah it's just 500mg and you only took one a sunshine

Yes, you are fine. Next time though please read the label beforehand you take the medication to insure that you "will" be taking it correctly. Tylenol say, "if you aren't going to take it the right instrument, we'd rather you not lug it at all." Be sheltered, read labels of adjectives medications you filch. : )
You need to read the sticky label on the bottle before you bring something. I can't tell how much acetominophen (tyelenol you took unless I look at the bottle you used). Also family who have liver or kidney problems enjoy to take smaller number than the average person. So if theorectically you took I pill beside 325 mg of acetominophen once in a 24 hr time every 3 months then you are fine. The sign on the bottle will tell you how much you can clutch. If you are still in doubt turn talk to a pharmacist at the drug store.
In a average person, toxic level start to accumulate when more than 4000 mg are taken surrounded by a 24 hour period. Tylenol is pretty tough on your liver, where on earth it is metabolized, and is excreted in the urine, so society with liver and/or kidney problems want to speak with their MD until that time taking tylenol to make sure it's okay and to get hold of a maximum dose.

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