What is the best path to relieve a sore knees and leg until you bring to the doctor?

Go to the pharmacy and get Aleve 220mg Naproxen. Look on the hindmost panel and it should have 220mg of naproxen per pill. It should run you around 8 to 14 dollars depending on what size bottle you buy. Take 2 every 6hrs or as needed for spasm. I do not recommend taking three, but if you are in exceptionally bad twinge, take three and dont whip more for the next 24hours. Dont hold more than three in a 24hour length. If you have stomach problems, dont use this product, OTC strain relievers are a bit harsh on the stomach if you already enjoy existing stomach problems. Also, move the knee and leg as much as you can, try to not put alot of pressure on it.
Ice pack for 20 minutes then set off off for 20 minutes sand repeat. Keep it elevated next to Pillows. Stay off of it as much as possible.

You can also whip a pain reliever. I found that Advil or Aleve work best for integrated injuries.
Ice packs and taking Tylenol until you see your Dr..

Get Better!

rest. when u sit put ur leg on somewhere high-ranking
tramadol tablets or any other strength pain nouns drug will help you
Ice pack and keep the leg elevated. I wouldn't steal anything you don't know from over the counter or unless it's been prescribed by a physician. If it get to bad run to the nearest ER and, tell them what's wrong and who your doctor is, perchance they can give you a shot for discomfort.

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